Frequently Asked Questions
Pausing your Internet service temporarily
I'm not in Spain all year. Is there a way to pause my connection to save on the cost?
Yes, on our BLUE (300Mbit) and GREEN (1000Mbit) fibre, you can choose one period per year of up to 6 months where the connection is deactivated.
Is there an extra cost to make this possible?
No, this is available for free to anyone on our BLUE (300Mbit) and GREEN (1000Mbit) fibre subscriptions.
Can my connection be paused in the winter?
Yes, we believe a lot of holiday home owners will choose to pause from October to March, for example.
Are there any fees or costs to pause my connection?
No, the service does not cost additional fees to pause, or resume. In the months you choose to pause, your subscription is reduced to €0.
What happens after the maximum 6 month pause has expired?
By default, your Internet connection will reactivate, and your normal monthly subscription cost is resumed.
How do I start the pause?
Send us an email at and let us know when to begin the pause.
Does the pause need to begin or end at an exact calendar month?
Yes. Pausing and reactivating your connection will be effective for calendar months. 
How fast can my connection be reactivated?
Your connection is restored on the 1st of the calendar month you require Internet access again. We recommend that you advise us as soon as possible.
What if I need my connection to be reactivated on short notice in the middle of the month?
We may be able to help - however, note that your normal monthly subscription will be charged in full for any months where the connection has been partially activated. Activation usually takes 1-2 weekdays.
I visit Spain sometimes. Can I pause my connection on and off some months throughout the year?
Unfortunately, no. You may choose one period of up to 6 months a year. Other ways to reduce cost is using our Mobile 4G/5G Internet, which is more flexible. Or, where available, choose a slower fibre connection speed.
I'm a Tiekom fibre client already. Can I use the pause service?
Yes, any fibre client on our Blue fibre (300Mbit) and Green fibre (1000Mbit) can use the service.

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